Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hey Jude/Revolution

Hey Jude and Revolution was released on August 26, 1968

Hey Jude was the Beatles’ first single to be released on their new Apple label, and stayed on top for nine weeks (which set a new American record). It also became the longest-ever song to make it to number one (at 7:11). But US radio was adverse to playing anything over three minutes, and Capitol had to press up a special edit for radio play. During the recording of the master take, Lennon shouted "Oh!" followed by "Fucking hell!" at 2:56 and 2:58, respectively, into the song. This occurs after he sings "let her into your skin" under McCartney's "let her under your skin." Revolution peaked at #12.
It also kept Apple’s second single - Mary Hopkins’ Those Were The Days stuck at number two, before finally succumbing to Diana Ross and the Supremes.

The model Twiggy saw Mary Hopkin winning the British ITV television talent show Opportunity Knocks and recommended her to Paul McCartney. She became one of the first artists to record on the Beatles' Apple record label.
Her debut single, "Those Were the Days", was produced by Paul McCartney.

Hey Jude (The rehearsal)

Hey Jude

Mary Hopkin "Those Were The Days"

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